Come funziona la Blockchain?

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Nel precedente articolo (“Blockchain – Tutto ciò che bisogna sapere“) abbiamo visto cosa è e a cosa serve la Blockchain. Quì invece voglio spiegarvi in modo semplice come funziona una Blockchain e su quali tecnologie usa per garantire le sue funzionalità. Nel mio precedente articolo, avevo spiegato che in estrema sintesi una “blockchain” può essere […] Continua a leggere »

Retail Industry: Why has “On-line” channel become an ally for the “Off-line” one?

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Today’s incredible success and adoption of mobile telecommunications and technology have created an intersection between the historical parallel, and sometime conflicting, “off-line vs on-line” marketing and sales strategies. During the first decades of adoption, companies, in particular in the retail sector, thought that Internet was a new “marketing and sales channel” to be used for […] Continua a leggere »

Digital Technology is the “Invisible Force” disrupting the retailing industry

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How many of you know or remember these manes: Blockbuster, Barnes&Noble, Borders, Blackberry, Compaq, Nokia …. Maybe some of you yes, but most maybe not. These are the pre-historic examples of retailing business models which did not understand or, even worse, underestimated the rise and intrinsic importance of the DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY. All the above now […] Continua a leggere »